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My thoughts on the Reluctant Fundamentalist Movie

I belive personally that we should have seen the movie before we read the book due to the negative view that readers have to a book they have read and viewing the movie after. They have cut out a chunk of the book, but that is too be expected. They focus more on the conflict in Pakistan than on the story of Changez. Furthermore it makes the story less centered, dueling between the conflict and Changez. It should have focused on one of them, not both. It makes the movie mediocre, the only positive is Changez himself. They keep him more or less the same as in the novel.

The Day of Terror

On the first of September 2001 the World trade Center was attacked and destroyed. In the heart of New York the buildings fell, people close to the building were either killed or maimed. Truly a devastating and horrible day, a true blow against The United states, which provoked the country to bring its wrath upon perpetrators.

In the following days New York had to deal with the rubble, the smoke and mourning both their dead and a great monument, that represented USA’s power. Furthermore the people of colour in the country would never be looked upon the same way again. For the Terrorists it would be a great victory, a physical blow against their hated enemies and sowing distrust in their hearts. Yet it was short lived as the US took swift action against them, in my opinion I believe the wrongdoers would regret dealing such a blow against a superpower like that.

My take on the article:”Harassment All Around, Afghan Women Weigh Risks of Speaking Out”

To be quite honest I do not know anything about the #MeToo campaign, even though I have heard the name quite a lot. Furthermore, the only thing I knew was that it involved women. The reason for that is that I don’t pay much attention to trending topics or news. 

Reading through the article I was not surprised actually; sexual harassment has become something despised yet unfortunately normal in the world. People expect it to happen, and I didn’t expect anything less from Islamic countries. Where the Quran is interpreted as if women are just tools and something to be used for making children. We have made great progress towards giving women in such countries jobs, work harassment in those countries should be expected, yet it should not be tolerated.  

They have a culture which empowers their belief that they should have power over women, and when they are put in such a position of power, they are even more stubborn to give up they’re barbaric beliefs. Being aggressive back and firing them is not the solution, there should be a teaching course where they could be taught why it is wrong to treat women that way. If we respond with the same type of aggression we use the same methods as those men do. Everything should have consequences of course, maybe lowered pay or take away some of their work privileges, as well as the teaching course I told about earlier. 

Nothing about it is good, we have to believe in change, not harsh punishment. That is my take on this whole situation. 

Gran Torino: Review

Gran Torino is a film directed by Clint Eastwood and he starred in it. It is a unique story from my perspective, extremely well made. Which could be to the directors long history in film.

There are very many great scenes, but the acting from the side characters Sue and Thao is under average in my opinion, Thao is better then the Sue when it comes to being an actor.

Furthermore the character progression of both Thao and Walt(Clint Eastwood) is very well paced and believable, it gives an insight into a different culture which we experience from Walt’s

perspective. Having a character like Walt with a good reason to be resentful towards Korean’s gives his character the depth for him to be sympathetic. He changes throughout the character with Thao, as

Walt mentors him to “make him into a man”. Event though the ending is quite abrupt(not to say there is no foreshadowing), it is understandable but it left me a little unsatisfied. Another issue I had with the movie

is where we get exposition about the walt from other characters quite early in the movie, it would have been better it told later in the movie or shown it.

The oppression of the Hmong in the USA is shown mostly in the form of gangs roaming the neighbourhood, it is told that they were forced to leave. Even though I belive it is mostly because of the city they live in,

Detroit has quite a infamous reputation for gangs and violence. They are looked down upon because of their involvement in the war and are generally hated for being different, even Walt hates them but learns to

accept them and befriend his neighbours. Challenges Thao and Sue deal with is usually for blaming the children for their parents mistakes or however it goes. Blaming a new generation of people, because of the hate which is directed at the previous generations. Taking a whole people to blame for the faults of few. Overall it is a good movie with some acting issues on the side characters, in some scenes you can clearly see the lines are written by the main actor, something I had a problem with but for such a unique story, it can be forgotten for being a well made film.

A evaluation on Operation Day’s work

The goal of this project is to raise awarness of different types of problems and issues, throughout the world. Mostly related to the goals un sustainable development goals. We raise not only awarness but money by doing work or donating towards a cause that operation Day’s work deems important.

I personally was a part of two rooms, one related to the “FN sambandet” and the other about the oil crisis in Nigeria. Both of the rooms we were informed on these subject, asked about what we knew and given a lot of arguments on why these are important issues. I were to be a “host”, helping people who visited and informing them a little more on the subject, not exactly present it but help those who did. I didn’t make a poster about the “FN sambandet” because I didnt get much information on the subject, I was lead toward one of the sustainable development goals, but when I arrived in the room. The presenters had chosen two different goals which I indeed had information on but not the one I had prepared for.

The students usually entered the room, the presentation started and we were introduced to a film taking an example of the problem or how it may be solved.

It was a good way to learn about the subject very informative, it may have been that there were only a few students who actually were interested, furthermore I can only give from my experience with as a host, I think that I could have been given more information on my subject but I believe it was only a one time thing.

Overall it was a good day, it was much to chose from and the students could chose which one they were most interested in. But an argument against that may be that students may go unnoticed and ignore the rooms all together, I think there should be a schedule to which rooms and a list of people. I think I did okay and it was quite fun learning about such issues from people who has experience in that subject. Even though the work I did was mostly just listening to the presentation a couple of times, it seemed like most students who came into the room I was host in were interested.

Girl Rising

The movie “Girl Rising” is a documentary set in multiple locations, many of them hard unforgiving locations, for example Nepal, Peru, Egypt and India to mention a couple. It follows nine girls in different circumstances, a lot of them lives in dangerous places where these girls might get married away, get “enslaved”, physically hurt or traumatised. Each one of the girls tells stories about their life, but everyone focusses on their strive for an education, a better life for them and every girl in the world. We get to hear about their dreams and aspirations as well.


To make a documentary is quite easy I would say, but to make it good, now that is a challenge. This movie does exactly that, every girl who tells their story grips us into their society, their culture and the horrifying reality which they are living in. Further on every documentary needs a purpose, to spread a message if you will. A message of equality and education for every girl in the world, and a way for you to support using their site: http://girlrising.com/. Personally I think the director Richard Robbins does a great job with giving this message, although the credit doesn’t go entirely to him, due to the entire movement and many different people were involved in the funding and vision for the movie.


I had no prior knowledge of this movie, or the Girl Rising movement, but I was firmly informed on the subject of equal rights. Hence I was also aware of the rising popularity and the importance of the issue in the lack of an education for many girls across the world. Consequently I expected to see examples of different stories or at least one large story where they show the lack of education and learning in third world countries. Besides I also a question about the movement, when the movie was first introduced.  I wanted to know what kind of opportunities it would provide for people in poverty and what options people had to help. Fortunately the film explained and gave us a couple opportunities to donate and help if for example we were teachers. All of the information is on their website.


As further said in the first paragraph the movie tells the story of nine different girls, all in very difficult places to live, trying to make a difference and having big ambitions. The story which hit me the hardest and gained my interest the most was the girl Senna from Peru, who was a really adept at mathematics. Having fond memories of her father but unfortunately being taken by a sickness caused by his job as a miner. Her frustration at the place and society she was living in. She had to go to school or she would have to end up as a prostitute, her love for poetry made her resent the world a little less, and turn the negative emotions into strong and empowering emotions. It resonated with me and I felt empathy for her. Everything she said had an impact.


In addition to the incredible storytelling, the visuals were stunning. Everything from the angles they filmed and the different re-enactments of memories was spectacular. It really brings out the countries they live in, showing both the bad sides and the good. One other thing that really impressed me was the use of animations to bring the creativity of some of the girls to life, for example a picture that one girl drew came to life as a cartoon character with fluid and convincing animation.


All in all I really enjoyed this documentary, it informed me on a subject where I was in due for a little memory refresh even though I was informed, I like to be reminded of such things. No surprises really except the fact of the statistics the movie showed of girls who doesn’t go to school, some drawbacks were maybe that the film was a little slow but I have to be fair and point out that it helps build character for the girls. To be honest if some of my friends was interested in the issue or was looking for a good documentary I would recommend this film, but I don’t think I would under any other circumstances.

My take on the terrorist attack on Charlottesville

Personally I have only heard a little about the attack, just that there was an attack and Neo-nazis were involved. I didn’t think to much of it, I don’t usually do when it comes to those kind of things, news or anything like that. I read the article about the attack witnessed by Brennan Gilmore, frankly it is utterly horrible what happened. As I mentioned I had only heard there was an attack but I didn’t know the details. Knowing that 1 person was killed and 19 more were wounded I am just glad the attacker didn’t take any more people.

Brennan Gilmore was the one who recorded a video, posted it and got a lot of backlash for taking such a stance against the White supremacists. Their theories about his involvement in the case might be the most ludicrous I have heard in a while, but I can understand a bit though. Earlier in my life I have looked at these sorts of theories about for example that the terrorist attack on the 11 of september 2001 was an inside job or whatever. So let’s say I was a White supremacists and a conspiracy theorist, reading his background, him spending 15 years in Congo and taking a clear stance on the subject of Neo-Nazis. I might have been a little suspicious too. I can understand but that is just not how the world works, people need to understand that every human in the world deserves to have the same rights as everybody else. Those involved have to be brought to justice but yet they don’t deserve to be executed immediately as I have read some people believe. These people who are responsible deserve a fair trial.

To be honest Brennan Gilmore is right about the ideology of Neo-Nazis and White supremacists, they are or at least can be naturally violent, as can radical Islam. But we can’t start hunting these people who believes these things, then we become just as bad as them. Only those who bring harm to other people. My personal philosophy is: you can belive or do whatever you want, unless you bring harm to other people.